Jamison Ag and Turf has grown Maryland Certified Turf since 1999. We specialize in growing a blend of 90 percent turf type tall fescue and 10 percent bluegrass from Maryland’s list of approved cultivars. Our grass blends grow green and are easy to maintain in this mid-Atlantic region known as the, transition zone. Since our summers are too hot and humid for most cool season grasses and winters are too cold for warm season grasses, turf type tall fescue is well adapted to this zone of the United States. Turf type tall fescue’s are a great choice for your project possessing the following characteristics:

  • Light maintenance: this grass is drought tolerant due to its dense root system. Plus, it’s an excellent choice for the environment!
  • The clippings left behind are nutritious for the grass.
  • Tall fescue is heat and shade tolerant.
  • Tall fescue possesses a naturally occurring fungus called endophytes that ward off insect pressure and increase the overall health of the grass.
  • When properly maintained, tall fescue can stay green all year around.
  • Turf type tall fescue is a great tool to control runoff and erosion problems.

The 10 percent bluegrass used in our blend helps to fill any voids and cohere the root structure due to its genetic nature of having root stems growing underground called rhizomes. From the dog days of summer to the chilling winds of winter, our blend has stood to maintain a hearty green appearance throughout the year. We sell to the trade in bulk order or to the eager homeowner requesting any size to improve the appearance of their land.

All of our sod fields are rigorously monitored for any noxious weeds, pest or fungus to ensure a quality product of 100 percent fescue and bluegrass mix is delivered to the customer. The sod grown on our farms meets the top level criteria of being Maryland Certified Turf. The criteria process ensures that the seed planted is approved by the state of Maryland. In addition, the fields are inspected by the State of Maryland from seeding to harvest to ensure that our product is free of weeds and disease. By employing the best management practices, we strive to deliver a product that we would be proud to grow in our front yard. If you are a builder, landscaper or homeowner, looking to instantly turn your dirt site into a plush green carpet of grass, contact us about your project.

Our turf farm is the only farm within the town limits of Poolesville, located one mile from its epicenter. It can be easily accessed by Route 28 or Route 107. Please contact us for pricing.